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Building high-performance design cultures.

That's the goal. Design is a powerful practice that enterprises must master. But enterprises are complex and design in enterprise can be painful.




It doesn't have to be that way.


I establish, operationalise and scale design teams with strategy, research, content and visual design capabilities.


I nurture multi-disciplinary digital delivery teams with a commercial conscience and a commitment to the user.


I influence culture by helping leaders reflect, prioritise and communicate their user-centred digital agenda.


I'm Lola Oyelayo-Pearson a Design & Product leader with a track record of helping businesses prioritise the things that matter most. I have worked with a wide-range of organisations to shape a user-centred agenda.


And many  more. Check out my profile on LinkedIn

Whether a tactical app improvement or wholesale service overhaul, it’s become clear that many organizations are unwittingly hosting conditions that are hostile to success.

Wicked Digital Problems at Talk UX Boston, October 2018

When I tore my ACL, I struggled with the physio. So we turned my mechanical leg brace into a smart one by adding a potentiometer, a microcontroller and built an app for me.


Curious to see if I can help you? Why don't you get in touch.

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Decentralized Design is targeted at designers, content designers, researchers, product managers and developers working on blockchain and decentralized technologies. This community aims to support the socialisation of a new set of design practices, methods and approaches that are needed in this space.

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