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Untangling Wicked Problems
Playbooks for digital transformation teams

Wicked digital problems plague digital transformation and innovation projects. You can read my blog post on these issues Medium, or watch me give the talk at NUX5 2016. These workshops are designed to arm participants with the tools and mitigations to help prevent some of the more obvious issues and smooth the path for when bigger problems crop up.

Each workshop tackles a slightly different angle on the issues. If you think your organisation would like to host a custom workshop, get in touch.


Your use of real life experience and frank explanation of when work went wrong in the past really helps land the value of your insights, tools and frameworks.


The course shared some really actionable tools and techniques that I have been able to apply to my projects and clients straight away.


Realising how hard it is to run a successful digital transformation project, especially with external and internal factors changing.


Embracing collaborative digital cultures (You, Agile and the business)

The onset of continuous development and Agile delivery approaches has created a need for businesses to adopt a strong digital product practice. This has expanded to incorporate design, research and broader business activities. However it is not always easy to see how to make best use of Agile practices to create strong cohesive and effective teams.


This workshop covers:

  • Understanding the business and its needs (picking the right methodology)

  • How to do big picture vision and design in Agile

  • Working well in a multi-disciplinary environment

  • Effective pre-planning and feedback loops

  • Keeping an eye on the metrics

  • Navigating unknown unknowns

  • The business case on continuous improvement

Preparing to Transform

Organisations that need to transform existing processes and services, have a much bigger challenge than nimble start-ups. Taking the decision to launch a digital transformation programme can often grate with the daily task of keeping the existing business going. Much of the rhetoric will also clash with the realities of market drivers, budgets and financial reporting.


This workshop aims to teach how to to map your existing organisational landscape effectively, taking care to identify places that will need greater care and attention, whilst also making space for creative opportunities.

This workshop covers:

  • The core imperatives of a successful transformation programme

  • How to run effective Discovery activities

  • Considerations for finance and budgets

  • Calculating your Customer Experience Debt

  • Overcoming agendas to set a coherent vision

  • How to report on progress in a language the C-suite will understand

  • Making promises you’re more likely to keep

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